Monday, March 8, 2010

Flowing Wells Parent Finds D.C. Special Interest Group Lobbying Neighbors to Vote against School District Override

"Passion and Purpose"

I recently marked my first anniversary as a Parent Advocate for Public Education. For 12 months, I have operated with passion and purpose in my unwavering support of Public Education in Arizona. I am the father of three young boys who attend an elementary school within the Flowing Wells school district in NW Tucson.

Despite what you have been told or what you have heard, public education is alive and well in Arizona. My three boys are in good hands with a team of career educators second to none. Four hundred and fifty little boys and girls are welcomed with open arms each and every day to our school.
Despite increased class size, despite less resource and despite reduced salaries this year, it is business as usual across the Flowing Wells School District. Our educators are maintaining a strong presence and effort for all of our children.

In support of their stand, I was all too quick and ready to join the citizen committee for the current override initiative. On March 9th, we will be asking voters across the district to dig deep and affirm their support of public education. Over the last sixty days, at the side of our committee president, Wendy Effing, we have stood in front of groups large and small. Along the way, we have spoken to hundreds of respectful ears. With passion and purpose, we have given freely of our time to to continue our advocacy of public education and more specifically our support of this all important override.

Just when you think that you are making a little progress, the opposition rears its' ugly head. This week, we were made aware of an uneducated and vastly uninformed statement from Americans For Prosperity. From his perch in Maricopa County, Tom Jenney issued an all call to his supporters to NOT support our override. I am pained that someone 150 miles away has literally declared war on our effort to support our children and their education. I believe it is safe to say that Tom has never been in any of our classrooms, never met any of our staff, much less, set foot within any part of our school district. Best is, this same letter was also posted for our neighbors and friends in Marana and Sahuarita. I find it curious that Tom is so well versed on the inside track of public education in Pima County.

Nonetheless, our advocacy continues. Parents statewide represent an extremely large and potent pool of voters. We will continue to educate and inform folks about what is at stake for the public education of our children. We will spread our message for our children each day with passion and purpose.

Tim Derrig
Flowing Wells Unified School District
Unwavering and unrelenting advocate for public education


  1. This is preposterous! How dare this group come into our neighborhoods and try to push their uninformed agenda on us. If we want to support our schools, they have no right to spread misinformation and affect change based on spin and lies! Keep fighting Mr. Derrig, our schools need people like you!

  2. Tom Jenney's getting a lot of special interest money from people out of state. I bet the farm that they are the same people who would love to convince all of us to close up public schools so their companies can role in and make money operating them privately.

    Such a scam.


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