Thursday, June 24, 2010

Parents not happy with the state of school system in Arizona & disappointed in their elected leaders (poll)


A recent statewide survey conducted on behalf of Expect More Arizona finds that voters in the state are concerned with the education system, disappointed in elected leaders, and worried that the quality of the education system costs Arizona economic and job growth opportunities and needed talent and expertise. However, while voters view a wide array of people and groups as responsible for their disappointment, they ultimately believe that they, too, (along with everyone else) have a role to play when it comes to improving education in Arizona.

An excerpt from the press release states:
Respondents are also fully aware of the link between a solid education system and the success of the state‟s economic future: Forty-three percent ranked the economy and education as the most important issues facing Arizona. In fact, nine-tenths indicate they agree economic development and job growth rely heavily on improving education across the entire continuum, and especially at the K-12 and higher education levels. Further, fewer than half (48%) said they believe Arizona is a good place for young people to start a career, a troubling statistic, given that Arizona‟s college graduates are the critical workforce pipeline for a variety of the state‟s current and future knowledge-based industries. “Arizonans have for years said they want a high-quality education system, even before it became as critical as it is now to compete in the 21st century economy,” said Paul J. Luna, Chairman of the Board of Expect More Arizona. “We are finding that across the board, people are ready to take action; they realize the quality of education impacts their quality of life.”

For an actual PDF download of the poll, click Expect More Arizona Voter Poll Summary 6_16_10.

Expect More Arizona Press Release, click here.


Expect More Arizona is a statewide public-private partnership dedicated to creating a movement of Arizonans who value education as our state’s top priority and are actively engaged in strengthening the entire continuum from birth through career. To learn more about their mission and their work, visit


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