Thursday, July 8, 2010

Traditional Public School Performance Outpaces Charters According to AZ Learns Data

.An analysis by the Arizona Education Network of the Arizona Learns 2008-2009 Achievement Profiles for All Schools published by the Arizona Department of Education shows that traditional public schools performed better than charter schools over the same period.

The report lists the performance results of 463 charter schools and 1432 non-charter, traditional public schools. Breakdowns of the schools' performance ratings are as follows.

School Performance Ratings by Type of School
Number Percent
Rating Traditional Charter Traditional Charter
Excelling 321 74 22.42% 15.98%
Highly Performing 214 35 14.94% 7.56%
Performing Plus 511 98 35.68% 21.17%
Performing 349 229 24.37% 49.46%
Underperforming 21 24 1.47% 5.19%
Failing: 16 3 1.12% 0.65%

When the top three categories (Excelling, Highly Performing, and Performing Plus) are aggregated, 73.04% of traditional non-charter schools are in these three categories versus 44.71% of charter schools. Most concerning are the 5.25% of charter schools that are underperforming or failing versus 2.7% for traditional schools in these categories.

For additional information, see below:

Arizona Learns 2008-2009 Achievement Profiles for All Schools

State's original charter schools up for renewal, East Valley Tribune, July 2, 2010

Arizona State Board for Charter Schools


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